the fascination begins in the early days

Jun 29

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Boobs I mean. Must be a man thing. We were in Walmart the other day, passing by the bra sections. Caleb said rather loudly, while pointing at the bras, “Mommy’s BIG boobies!!!” Repetition is always necessary for sentences such as these. However, since there remains a slim possibility that no one heard this sentence, my friend Chris’s story still takes the cake. WARNING: You will find yourself drawn back to reading her blog day after day. Who is Chris? Well she has seven children between ages 12 and 2, who she homeschools…is there really anything else I need to say? She is superwoman, my hero!

On Miles turning 30 months:
You love to tell everyone that you have a penis. As we stroll through our local Wal-Mart you will suddenly shout out the the person next to us, “You HAB A PENIS? I HAB A PENISSSS.” You also like to tell people, “Mama not hab a penis. Her penis falled off.”


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    kim robinson
    July 6th, 2007 4:31 pm

    yep been there done that…you just wait until the day Caleb calls you into the bathroom because he has found a grape down there….a few minutes later you will be called back again when he needs to tell you there are TWO grapes down there….this was one of those moments when i really needed Frank there to explain (but he was conveniently at the gym) so that left me with my words of wisdom…”uh-huh..yeah…leave the grapes alone baby”….but when Frank returned home I told him about his son’s great revelation. Frank’s response: “at least he said grapes and not raisins”. Maybe God did have a plan for Frank to be at the gym.

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